Iopa's Tables

Section 1

In this section, I will demonstrate column and row manipulation (colspan, rowspan) in a table to create a camera-shutter quilt block.

Section 2

In this section, I will share some of my favorite TV shows in a table.
ShowNetworkYears On AirFavorite Character
CommunityNBC, Yahoo! Screen2009-2015Ben Chang. In the show, he starts off as a wholly unqualified Spanish teacher, and he eventually ends up joining the main friends group in the show. I personally think the actor Ken Jeong is one of the funniest Asian actors out there.
Modern FamilyABC2009-presentPhil Dunphy. He is who I want to be as a dad. He's goofy, loving, forgetful, and fun. The actor Ty Burrell also plays some funny roles in Key and Peele skits on Comedy Central.
30 RockNBC2006-2013Jack Donaghy. He is what I imagine a powerful, charismatic executive to be. Donaghy's actor Alec Baldwin is also one of my favorite actors of all time; he just has the look.
Cougar TownABC, TBS2009-2015Andy Torres. He is played by Ian Gomez; his character is dominated by his wife, Ellie Torres, played by Christa Miller. He's often silly, yet insightful and understanding.
Parks and RecreationNBC2009-2015Tom Haverford. Played by Aziz Ansari, he is a "sarcastic and underachieving subordinate", according to Wikipedia. Ansari has a successful career as a stand-up comedian.
GrimmNBC2011-presentCaptain Sean Renard. Although I haven't seen the actor Sasha Roiz in any other movies or shows, he does an excellent job as the police captain, always keeping a cool head.
The NewsroomHBO2012-2014Tie; Will McAvoy and Charlie Skinner. McAvoy, played by Jeff Daniels, pulls off the role of news' best anchor surprisingly well. Between him and Skinner (Sam Waterston), there is simultaneously tension and teamwork.
Saturday Night LiveNBC1975-presentAndy Samberg. A talented writer and actor, Samberg has gone on to start his own career, as many other SNL folks do, which most recently includes Brooklyn 99.
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonNBC2014-presentJimmy Fallon. I love that he's always full of energy, has great guests, and plays fun games.
ConanTBS2010-presentConan O'Brien. He's blunt and sarcastic, which works well for his character. I like the pieces he does with his staff.

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